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Green Vehicles

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We love green! You will too when you purchase an environmentally-friendly vehicle that saves you money. KeyPoint Credit Union’s Green Vehicles auto loan program is geared toward members in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley who are conscious about their carbon footprints. When you drive a vehicle that achieves 25 miles per gallon rather than 20, for example, you prevent the release of about 17 tons of greenhouse gases over the vehicle’s life. 

We want to reward like-minded Californians by providing a .25% loan rate discount when you purchase an eco-friendly vehicle. Plus, you’ll be saving even more by using less fuel. Check the tabs to see which vehicles from 2010 and newer qualify for our Green Vehicles program. The lists are based on standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy, and each eligible vehicle meets at least one of these government criteria: 

  • Hybrid-electric vehicle
  • Ethanol flexible fuel vehicles
  • Compressed natural gas vehicle
  • Fuel cell vehicle
  • Selected diesel vehicles 
  • Vehicles with an average 25 MPG (miles per gallon) or greater
Below are the qualifying vehicles by model year:

    Please note, manufacturers frequently make several versions of a vehicles with a similar name, body style and type.  For example, the Audi A4 is available in a 2.0, 4-cylinder engine with a manual 6-speed transmission, or as a 2.0, 4 cylinder engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission, and finally as a 3.1, 6-cylinder engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission.  Each of these vehicles has different miles per gallon averages, and only the first two are eligible for the Green Vehicle Program.  It is therefore very important to note that only vehicles with the EXACT specifications of those listed on the Eligible Green Vehicle list are eligible for the Green Vehicle Program and interest rates.  When a vehicle is listed with a Flexible-Fuel designation, it means the vehicle can accept either gasoline and/or E-85 fuel.  When a vehicle on the Green Vehicle Program list is specified with the Flexible-Fuel designation, only vehicles with this fuel flexibility are allowed.