General Banking - Payment Holiday

Yes, I want to skip my next payment(s) on all of my qualified KPCU loan(s).

I understand loans secured by real property, loans protected by bankruptcy, workout loans,
unsecured lines of credit and auto leases do not quality for a Payment Holiday.

Payment Holiday Amendment to Loan Agreement

  1. I want to skip my qualified loan payment(s). I understand that I will need to make up the payment(s) skipped.
  2. I understand that assuming I make only minimum payments, skipping payment(s) will delay the payoff of the loan(s) and result in additional finance charges.
  3. By signing this amendment to my loan agreement(s), I authorize you, KeyPoint Credit Union, to extend the payment schedules.
  4. I understand that it takes 5 business days from the day you receive this request to implement the skip payment. For example, if I want to skip my August payments, KeyPoint Credit Union must receive this form 5 business days before the date of the payment that the skip is being requested for.
  5. I understand that I cannot skip the payment on any new loan.
  6. I understand my loan must be contractually up to date as of the date of this agreement.
  7. Except for the payment schedule, all of the terms of my loan agreement(s) remain the same.

Member's Account Number:

Email Address:

Member's Full Name:

Co-Member's Full Name:

Mother's Maiden Name:

Last 4 No. of SS#:

Day Phone:                    ( ) -

Evening Phone:            ( ) -
  If your payment is made automatically through another institution please check here.

Note: All of your qualified loan payments must be up-to-date before you can skip. If you choose to participate in Payment Holiday, all of your qualified KeyPoint Credit Union loans will be skipped. If you have an account with a negative balance, an open Fresh Start Loan or any past due loan you are not eligible for the Payment Holiday program. You may only participate in the Payment Holiday program once every 12 months. Your loan must be at least one year old in order to participate in Payment Holiday. Please insure that all borrower's and co-borrower's have agreed to this form. If you have any questions, please email Subject: Payment Holiday.

You may also mail this completed form to:
KeyPoint Credit Union
Attn: Payment Holiday - QA
2805 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051

or FAX to (408) 731-4060

To delay making payments for more than one month, you will need to contact the Credit Services Dept. at (408) 731-4410 and ask for a Loan Extension Agreement form.

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