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Our mortgage and home equity options are perfect for purchases, refinances and renovations.
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Home Loans

Did you know that KeyPoint Credit Union is a nonprofit institution? Unlike large banks, our profits are passed on to our members through lower interest rates and fees. As a member of KeyPoint Credit Union, you are a valued shareholder, and serving your needs is our highest priority!

KeyPoint Credit Union is a California credit union that offers many loan programs to meet your needs, such as traditional first mortgage loans, Jumbo mortgages, 1st and 2nd position Home Equity Lines of Credit and a revolutionary new mortgage loan designed to leverage your assets to pay your home off years earlier, the "All In One" home loan. For members looking for home loans in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, or throughout California, KeyPoint Credit Union is the ideal choice.

Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or deciding between a fixed or adjustable rate, KeyPoint has you covered!

  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

    Make your money work for you with a fixed-rate Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit.

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  • Traditional Mortgage Loans

    NEW Mortgage loan options to take you wherever you want to go.

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  • All-In-One Home Mortgage

    Combine your mortgage needs with a checking account, and pay off your mortgage in half the time.

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  • Financial Assistance

    We want to help members who have fallen behind on paying mortgages, loans or lines of credit.

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  • Rates

    Find out the current rates on KeyPoint’s loans, savings and deposit products.

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  • Existing Loan Subordination

    Thinking about refinancing your first mortgage? Save yourself time and money.

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  • Homeowner’s Insurance

    Affordable solutions to protect your net worth.

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  • Home Loan Calculators

    Calculate your housing affordability, mortgage down payment, monthly payment, and more.

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